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Roller Coaster Vacation

Submitted by: Devin Knight

In this submission I have used Power BI to help me plan a vacation with my wife. We both love thrill rides so I wanted to make the best decision on planning our next trip. Using Power Query I imported data from the web to find all possible roller coasters and amusement parks. I then took that raw data and made relationships and calculations using Power Pivot. Next, I visualized the results through Power View to help guide me through the data easier. Finally, I uploaded my workbook to a Power BI site and enabled Q&A to allow my wife to ask the workbook questions about our trip.

Comments (8)

Carlos Costa said:

Posted 1 year 32 weeks ago

Hi Devin, have you been already contacted by Microsoft about the semi-finalist and finalist prizes? I'm trying to contact somebody, but i'm not being successful?

Anil Maharjan said:

Posted 1 year 35 weeks ago

Nice to see these combo Power View,Power Query, Power BI and Q&A . Good Luck Devin !!!

Jon Wood said:

Posted 1 year 36 weeks ago

This is very good. I like it for because it is good to see. Good job well done.

Gerald Knight said:

Posted 1 year 36 weeks ago

Very fluid and well documented, good presentation.

Amy Cheek Lewis said:

Posted 1 year 36 weeks ago

Love this! Cedar Point in Ohio should be added on your bucket list for roller coasters. One thing I would add is a link to any videos that could be found in the search for each rollercoaster :-)

Lucy Sirois said:

Posted 1 year 36 weeks ago

It rocks Devin, good luck!

Rob Farley said:

Posted 1 year 38 weeks ago

I'm wishing you'd been on a roller coaster recording this. Actually, since you can't take microphones onto roller coasters, you could've just moved the mouse around erratically, and had the sound of a roller coaster playing in the background. And then at the end, the joke would be that you'd just be in your office, faking it... But anyway - nice demo. :)

Miguel Martinez said:

Posted 1 year 38 weeks ago

"My wife is very good at asking questions" I can totally relate to that :) Great demo Devin. Congrats!

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